Henry David Thoreau on Building His “Cabin”

Did you know that the date was July 4th, in 1845, when Henry David Thoreau first moved in to his small house in the woods near Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts? Thoreau aimed to live there more “deliberately,” and to confront only the “essential facts of life” that he encountered them in nature.  It was […]

Historic “Fairfield” Estate in Berryville, VA, To Be Auctioned (and yes, George Washington Really Slept Here)

George Washington didn’t just sleep here . . . he reportedly visited the place a lot.  And it’s recorded in his diaries. It was, after all, the home of a cousin of his, Warner Washington. Warner built this grand mansion, called “Fairfield,” in 1768 — just a few years before the Revolutionary War propelled his younger […]

Quick Review of Bernie Herman’s ‘The Stolen House’

Bernie Herman’s The Stolen House, first published in 1992, investigates and reconstructs a small community in the Cypress Swamp of southern Delaware during the first decades of the United States, from roughly the 1780s to the 1820s — using the taking-off point of a stolen house.  Yes, a stolen house. Basically, after Benjamin Christopher died

Incredible Home for Auction in Fredericksburg has Cannon Ball from Civil War Lodged in Wall

Fredericksburg, Virginia is a remarkable place.  I visited there a few years ago, and I was surprised at just how historic, vibrant, and culturally textured it was.  I was in Fredericksburg to attend a preservation event at the University of Mary Washington (which has a fantastic undergraduate program in historic preservation, by the way).  While […]

Remarkable: c. 1790 Log House in Gettysburg Available for $150,000

This amazing property just drips with historical significance!   Now offered for sale at just $150,000, this log cabin that was constructed in 1790 — just 7 years after the American Revolution.   So it has withstood the test of time and witnessed a lot of history — including, of course, the famous Battle of […]

My Top 10 Unique Historic Properties (I’ve Seen) in the Mid-Atlantic!

Today, Historic House Blog is passing two milestones!  This is our 150th article and we just got our 1,000th  “Like” on Facebook.  In light of this, I am feeling lucky and I guess a bit nostalgic.  I also just returned from Fair Haven, Connecticut, where our team from the University of Delaware’s Center for Historic […]

THREATENED: c.1720 Saltbox in Seekonk, Massachusetts ($125,000) – The “Remember Carpenter House”

A reader let me know about this recent listing in Seekonk, Massachusetts:  A 300-year-old, c. 1720 Saltbox colonial……called the “Remember Carpenter House”…..being marketed as “LAND!!”  [that’s the realtor’s capitalized shout, not mine].  The amount of the land, by the way?  A meager half-acre.

The “Samuel M. Jackson House” Is For Sale in Apollo, PA

This unique Italianate house was built in 1883 by Samuel M. Jackson, who was a Brigadier General during the Civil War.  While Samuel M. Jackson is not to be confused with actor Samuel L. Jackson, he was in fact the grandfather of another well-known actor — the legendary James “Jimmy” Stewart — who is of […]

170-Acre Country Estate Known As “Poplar Springs” To Be Auctioned (67 Photos!)

I just stumbled across an amazing country house estate that will be auctioned next month!  Located just 50 miles south of Washington DC, and set on more than 170 acres of Virginia’s finest hunt country, this property — now known as “Poplar Springs” — will be sold at public auction on Wednesday, November 6 at […]

Rare 1790 Dutch Gambrel Colonial to be Demolished by…Historical Society Guy?

This one is a bit of a head-scratcher for me.  In Milford, Connecticut, the first-ever VP of the Milford Historical Society is about to knock down his historic c.1789 house, called the “Thomas Sanford House” or the “Sanford-Bristol House.”  And the Sanford-Bristol House isn’t a run-of-the-mill building, either — it’s a Dutch Gambrel double-house, with […]