A Revolutionary War “Minutemen” Meeting Site, the “Cadwallader Ford House,” is For Sale in Wilmington, MA

On the early morning hours of April 19, 1775, as the British army marched toward Lexington and Concord, an alarm rider arrived at the “Cadwallader Ford House” (above) in Wilmington, Massachusetts to awake Ford, the Captain of the local “minutemen” militia.  Ford knew the time had come. As word quickly spread that the Redcoats were […]

Gem Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is Threatened with Demolition (AZ)

“We are not in the historic-preservation business. That’s not our forte.“ –Developer John Hoffman. “It’s like throwing a Picasso in the fire.“ –Alison King, a historic-preservation activist and founder of Modern Phoenix. In a nutshell:   A development group (called 8081 Meridian) recently bought the David Wright House (designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for his […]

Shopping for Historic Houses In: Marshall, Michigan

I really like Marshall, Michigan. I’ve only been there once, and that one visit was only a few weeks ago.  However, I am smitten.  I had long been looking forward to visiting Marshall (well, “long” being since March 2009), when I bought an old copy of Mabel Cooper-Skjelver’s Nineteenth Century Homes of Marshall, Michigan (see left).  Flipping through musty pages of old black and […]

Marketing “Haunted” Houses & Their “Ghosts”

In honor of Halloween’s fast approaching, we thought we would address the issue of “haunted houses” and real estate.  Ghosts and the paranormal are certainly not limited to “historic” houses.  But let’s face it . . . historic houses almost inevitably have some kind of story tied to them.  Whether it’s a dramatic legend about a murder in the […]

More One Dollar Historic Houses: North Carolina & Chicago

Come get ’em!  Two more old houses that will be demolished soon if no one buys them for $1 and moves them from their current site: The first property is located in the historic Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago.  Architect & blogger Lee Bey says the property (left) is owned by the Illinois College of Optometry, and […]

Historic Hillsborough, NJ Home “Restored” as Part of New Development

We’ve written before about “preserving” historic homes through subdivision (for a look at some of these cases, see our article “‘Preserving’ Historic Estates Through Subdivision?”).  Usually, this process involves cutting up a large tract of land (usually a historic farmstead) for the purpose of building a new subdivision, with development approval hinging on a caveat that the developer […]

“Preserving” Historic Estates through Subdivisions?

A few years ago, over my morning coffee, I noticed an interesting new listing in my Connecticut MLS.  Developers were offering for sale a “gutted to the studs” circa 1802 Colonial on less than 2 acres (photo, left).  The agent added that the apparent rehab project was “part of a $500,000 subdivision,” an obvious effort to brag up the […]

“Own a Piece of History” in Charleston, SC

Owners of historic & antique houses know — or should know — the importance of hiring a knowledgable real estate agent to promote their listing properly.  Hiring an agent who “specializes” in historic homes is the way to go, since an agent who truly knows & loves historic homes will be able to convey their […]

Old Houses & Insulation

In the eyes of potential house buyers, one strike facing sellers of historic houses is the problem of heating efficiency– especially during the current market downturn, as buyers become more picky and as oil costs prompt them to be suspicious of the “extra” costs of an antique home.   After all, drafty windows and the (assumed) lack of insulation mean that an antique house = higher […]