Walkability=Marketability- Selling the Benefits of Historic Neighborhoods

There are many reasons that buyers choose to buy a historic home. It may be for the character and ambiance of a time long past, for the sturdier construction of an earlier century, or for the prestige and prominence that comes along with owning and living in a local landmark. One reason frequently mentioned, though, is that […]

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift?? Romantic B&B, For Sale!

Unfortunately, I do not have enough extra money in my change jar to buy this property for my wife, but maybe some of you are looking for a nice Valentine’s Day gift for your special somebody!  This incredible looking B&B– a former mill site– is located in Asheville, NC, and is currently offered for sale at […]

Wright’s “House that changed American Architecture” for Sale in Kankakee Illinois

Every great architect is – necessarily – a great poet. He must be a great original interpreter of his time, his day, his age.                            -Frank Lloyd Wright    Frank Lloyd Wright has been recognized by the American Institute of Architects as the “greatest American architect of all time.” He was the founder of the […]

Linking to Lincoln on the Bicentennial

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, which makes tomorrow his 200th birthday. Historic organizations in Washington, DC, his home state of Illinois, his birth state of Kentucky, and across the country are preparing celebrations for this bicentennial. You can check out the complete events calendar, along with all of the Lincoln info and […]

A Brick is a Brick . . . Or Is It? A Historic Bricks Website

I stumbled upon an interesting website today — .  It is the website of Gavin Historical Bricks – “The Nation’s Largest Supplier of Antique Brick & Stone.”   This company supplies large amounts of bricks for both historic restoration projects and new constuction projects (where the builder is trying to achieve historic look & feel).   […]

Historic Homes Mapped Online in North Carolina

Many states are starting to digitize their historic map collections and make them available online. Old maps are invaluable for researchers of course, but they also make for great additions to any property marketing package. Having some idea of the history of the neighborhood, and of the local context of a house for sale, gives the marketing effort a […]

How Well Do You Know Your Antique Wood Floors? (Chestnut)

One thing I was never very good at was identifying the different types of wood floors in historic houses.  Was that old, reddish plank floor pine?  Chestnut?  Cherry?  Stained oak?  Looking at pictures online can help you get a knack for identifying types of wood, a skill that is impressive to sellers as well as buyers.  It […]

“Cheap, Convenient & Superior”- Octagon House for Sale

A Home for All – A New, Cheap, Convenient & Superior Mode of Building – That’s the way Orson Squire Fowler described his architectural invention in 1848. Fowler had designed the octagon house- an eight sided home that he claimed used space more efficiently by eliminating the need for hallways. The octagon minimized surface area which helped prevent […]

Great Website – Historic Home Drawings & Photos

If you’re selling a historic home, particularly a prominent one built in the 17th, 18th or 19th century, there may be a treasure trove of floorplans, architectural drawings, and photographs for your home online at the Library of Congress Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS).  HABS began in 1933 as a program to find meaningful work for thousands of […]

Federal vs. Local: Misconceptions about Historic Districts

As a REALTOR specializing in historic homes sales, one of the most common questions I received from buyers or other agents about my old house listings was, “Are you allowed to make any changes to the house?” (Click Here for Index of 100+ articles here at Historic House Blog!!) The regulation (or lack thereof) of historic […]