Richardsonian Mansion in Sharon, PA being “eBayed”

Many-a-time on our road trips between Connecticut and Ohio, we would exit I-80 to stop for gas near a small city named Sharon, just after crossing the border from Ohio into Pennsylvania.   Yet we never really drove into town, feeling we didn’t have time to casually “explore” on such a long trip.  But had I […]

More One Dollar Historic Houses: North Carolina & Chicago

Come get ’em!  Two more old houses that will be demolished soon if no one buys them for $1 and moves them from their current site: The first property is located in the historic Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago.  Architect & blogger Lee Bey says the property (left) is owned by the Illinois College of Optometry, and […]

When $1 Historic Houses Are Not $1 Houses

It may seem like the economy is worse than we thought when $1.00 is too much for buyers to spend on a historic house! In the desirable town of  Barrington, Illinois, that is exactly what has happened.  Three old houses were slated for demolition unless a buyer (or buyers) saved them from the wrecking ball by promising to […]

Another U-Move-It One Dollar House: the Middleboro Massachusetts 1876 Otis Briggs House

The owners of the historic Otis Briggs House are looking for a buyer to purchase and relocate the house. The Victorian Eastlake-style house stands behind Steve’s Sports Den at 145 Centre Street in downtown Middleboro, Massachusetts and is on the proposed site of a new mixed use commercial and apartment building. The developer of the project, Robert Saquet, […]

One Dollar House: 100-year-old Craftsman in Joplin, MO

The St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in Joplin, Missouri has a great offer for you:   A brick, circa 1908, Craftsman bungalow for just $1.  Yes, one dollar.  Of course, the catch is that you have to move the property to another location.  This historic property, which is located at 728 S. Byers Avenue, appears to be in terrific […]

Historic Life Saving Station Needs Life Saving Move – $1

The waters off of New Jersey can be treacherous for shipping traffic and many ships have come to grief against the Jersey rocks. In the 19th and early 20th-century, the Life Saving Service (the forerunner of the Coast Guard) set up stations all along the coast, manned by mariners who would watch the ocean horizon […]

This Old House Meets Ice Road Truckers

We’ve posted about one dollar houses available in South Bend, Indiana, and in Norfolk, Massachusetts. Sometimes, the catch is that the houses have to be moved from their present location. You might wonder how some of these one dollar house purchases work out…  today we have a success story from White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Last year, Minnesota […]

More One Dollar Houses- Norfolk Massachusetts

     In Norfolk, Massachusetts, as in so many other places, several older houses have been slated for demolition to make way for new construction. Bill Domineau at the Norfolk Historical Commission planned on saving four of the town’s treasures by selling them for one dollar on the condition that they be moved from their current locations. Unfortunately, the “Little Wood […]

One Dollar House: Italianate in South Bend

The City of South Bend, Indiana (home to the Fightin’ Irish of Notre Dame!) has established a wonderful program called the “Dollar House Program” in effort to revive some of the city’s vacant properties.  In the proces, they will save some of its historic & vintage properties, and breathe economic life into neighborhoods that need help.  The […]