What Do You Call It??? Dentil (not Dental) Moldings . . .

“Dentil” mouldings are very common.  You can spot them on many historic houses, as well as newer homes with a classical look.  However, dentil moldings are also one of the most commonly misspelled architecture elements (especially in real estate descriptions) — and it is easy to understand why.  After all, dentil is pronounced the same as “dental.”  […]

Replacing Antique Metal: Historic Hardware Websites

Whether restoring a worn down Victorian or sprucing up a Craftsman bungalow for re-sale, it is good to know where to look to find historic hardware to add that extra level of authenticity to your project.  You might know of a local architectural salvage store where you might be able to score some good material, […]

Historic Style Spotlight: The Gothic Revival

Some of the earliest Victorian-era houses were part of an architectural movement called “Gothic Revival.”  Gothic houses in the United States were built primarily from 1840 to 1860, and are also referred to as “Carpenter Gothic,” “Rural Gothic,” and even more informally, “Gingerbread houses” — due to frilly ornamentation that is common to the style.  Andrew […]

Sales Statistics of Historic Properties (Connecticut)

I decided today to look at some statistics.  Not always fun, but what the statistics tell us can be both interesting & useful.  I took a look at real estate sales of historic properties vs. modern properties — I was curious how historic properties do in competition with more modern houses in today’s market.  The following information is […]

Walkability=Marketability- Selling the Benefits of Historic Neighborhoods

There are many reasons that buyers choose to buy a historic home. It may be for the character and ambiance of a time long past, for the sturdier construction of an earlier century, or for the prestige and prominence that comes along with owning and living in a local landmark. One reason frequently mentioned, though, is that […]

Going Green with Historic Homes

One of the hottest trends in new construction today is “building green.”  Builders and their real estate agents all across the country are gearing their marketing to tap into a growing environmental awareness and energy consciousness. Builders advertise that their windows, doors, and appliances are Energy Star compliant. Developers plan their house sites to be sure that […]

What Do You Call It??? . . . Cupolas, Belvederes, & Lanterns

So . . . what do you call those structures on top of some historic houses & buildings?  Well, the answer is both simple and complex at the same time.  The fact is, most people simply call all of them “cupolas” (pronounced CUE-puh-lah).  However, most of these structures are probably not cupolas.  Instead, many of them are […]

Types & Styles of Roofs on Historic Houses

How many types, or styles, of roofs can you name?   (And how many times can you say “roofs” without thinking it is a really weird word?  Maybe it’s just me.).  Anyway, there are a lot of combinations of roof styles, shapes, & sizes, but there are not many basic roof shapes if you want to learn […]

Swanky Historic House Tour – North of Chicago

Just after the New Year, we wrote about how more & more REALTORs host tours of historic houses as a unique marketing tool, as a way to attract buyers of historic homes.  (Read that post here).   Next week, near Chicago, five real estate agencies are collaborating to host an impressive historic house tour in the swanky […]

Historic Homes Mapped Online in North Carolina

Many states are starting to digitize their historic map collections and make them available online. Old maps are invaluable for researchers of course, but they also make for great additions to any property marketing package. Having some idea of the history of the neighborhood, and of the local context of a house for sale, gives the marketing effort a […]