Realtor Uses “Not Haunted” Sign Rider to Market Historic Home in Tennessee

I’ve never seen this trick before, but I got a good laugh out of it, and thought I’d share.  After agent Dorothy Williams Havens, in Clarksville, TN, watched interest wane on her listing of a circa 1876 Italianate home, she decided to grab renewed attention — and maybe alleviate some fears — by placing a […]

What Do You Call It? . . . “Carpenters Marks”

Last fall, while documenting the attic of an 18th century house in Delaware, I got really excited when I spotted some carpenter’s marks carved on a set of 18th century rafters.   It had been awhile since I had seen any.  After discussing their purpose with my colleagues, I got to wondering just how common-knowledge […]

Historic Style Spotlight: The Craftsman Bungalow

When it comes to admiring old houses, I tend to favor rustic, 200-year old post & beam structures.  Yet some of my favorite historic houses are much more modern:  Craftsman-style bungalows.  This article will highlight the history & characteristics of this beautiful architectural style.

Marketing “Haunted” Houses & Their “Ghosts”

In honor of Halloween’s fast approaching, we thought we would address the issue of “haunted houses” and real estate.  Ghosts and the paranormal are certainly not limited to “historic” houses.  But let’s face it . . . historic houses almost inevitably have some kind of story tied to them.  Whether it’s a dramatic legend about a murder in the […]

Historic Homeowners Unearth Artifacts in Their Kent Island, MD Home

One of the most fascinating things about historic homes is their unique story — and sometimes even the historical artifacts — associated with the home.  Obviously, these historical tales and antique objects are powerful in connecting old house lovers with the one-of-a-kind past of their historic home.  They also can be powerful marketing points when offering a historic property on the market; potential […]

Birmingham (AL) Library to Host “Historic House Research Workshop”

A FREE workshop on historic house research is to be held at the Birmingham Public Library on Saturday, July 18th.  Sponsored by the Jefferson County Historical Commission & the Birmingham Historical Society, the event will feature 3 speakers and 2 authors who will be signing books.   The event starts at 9:30am, at the Central Library […]

Tweets about “Historic Houses” on Twitter . . .

Today, while on my Twitter account, I thought it would be fun to see if people were “tweeting” at all about historic houses.  The answer, of course, is “yes!” — people are using Twitter to talk about everything.

Historic House + Historic Tree = Marketability?

As a REALTOR who specialized in the sale of historic homes, I always enjoyed photographing the properties I marketed for sale.  I would often take up to 100 or so pictures.  In addition to the “normal” photos of the front of the house & all of the requisite “showcase” shots of the interior, I would snap […]

Historic Paint Colors: Give Good Advice with These Resources

As I painted a den today for a family member, I got to thinking about paint colors & historic houses.  (Not that the house I was painting was historic . . . In fact, I was painting a 1968 Ranch style house with dark, faux panel walls (see right) . . . but still, I needed something to think about, right?).  […]

What’s in a Name ? Prestige, Pride, and a Marketing Edge

Do you have a historic house for sale and want to elevate it a bit above its non-historic competitors ? Want your house to spark a bit of excitement and imagination in your buyers ?  How about an easy way to claim a point of pride and give your home’s marketing a distinguished feel ?  One of the […]