Realtors in Mobile, Alabama (Oddly) Resist Disclosure Requirement for Historic District Sellers

When making an offer on a house, would you want to know that it was located in a designated historic district?  Especially if that district contained rules governing future alterations of your historic home?  Of course you would.  And the City Council in Mobile, Alabama thinks sellers of historic homes — in these designated districts– […]

Richardsonian Mansion in Sharon, PA being “eBayed”

Many-a-time on our road trips between Connecticut and Ohio, we would exit I-80 to stop for gas near a small city named Sharon, just after crossing the border from Ohio into Pennsylvania.   Yet we never really drove into town, feeling we didn’t have time to casually “explore” on such a long trip.  But had I […]

Marketing “Haunted” Houses & Their “Ghosts”

In honor of Halloween’s fast approaching, we thought we would address the issue of “haunted houses” and real estate.  Ghosts and the paranormal are certainly not limited to “historic” houses.  But let’s face it . . . historic houses almost inevitably have some kind of story tied to them.  Whether it’s a dramatic legend about a murder in the […]

When Historical Homes . . . Go Wild!

In an upscale neighborhood in Atlanta, a man named Ruben Jones recently purchased the “Henry B. Tompkins House” (asking price $2 million) and among the renovations, he painted his 1922 Georgian Revival home.  No problem, right?  Except that he painted it ORANGE . . . a far cry from the original GRAY stucco, which, for 88 years, […]

Historic Hillsborough, NJ Home “Restored” as Part of New Development

We’ve written before about “preserving” historic homes through subdivision (for a look at some of these cases, see our article “‘Preserving’ Historic Estates Through Subdivision?”).  Usually, this process involves cutting up a large tract of land (usually a historic farmstead) for the purpose of building a new subdivision, with development approval hinging on a caveat that the developer […]

Indiana Home of True ‘Forty-Niner’ to be Moved?

At the height of the goldrush, in the year 1849, Daniel Ward left St. Joseph County in northern Indiana in pursuit of gold in California.  Two years later, Ward returned with a “small fortune.”  By the end of the Civil War, in 1865, he had erected a grand Itaianate mansion in Granger for his family, […]

Historic Homeowners Unearth Artifacts in Their Kent Island, MD Home

One of the most fascinating things about historic homes is their unique story — and sometimes even the historical artifacts — associated with the home.  Obviously, these historical tales and antique objects are powerful in connecting old house lovers with the one-of-a-kind past of their historic home.  They also can be powerful marketing points when offering a historic property on the market; potential […]

Historic House Preservation . . . & Demolition– When to Save, & When to Destroy?

A 142-year-old, Italianate-turned-Victorian historic house was just demolished in Smithland, Kentucky this week.  The Dunn-Cherry House, built in 1867, was razed by town officials to make way for a new office building & library on the site. As usual in cases such as these, local preservationists protested the loss of a one-of-a-kind historic property, with its links to prominant […]

Going Green with Historic Homes

One of the hottest trends in new construction today is “building green.”  Builders and their real estate agents all across the country are gearing their marketing to tap into a growing environmental awareness and energy consciousness. Builders advertise that their windows, doors, and appliances are Energy Star compliant. Developers plan their house sites to be sure that […]

Valentine-Varian House Museum – Bronx, NY

I thought that since it is Valentine’s Day, it was a good excuse to feature this unique historic house & promote the non-profits that operate this property as a museum. Blacksmith Isaac Valentine built this four-level fieldstone farmhouse in 1758 near the Boston Post Road. His property included a blacksmith shop, outhouses, farmland, and a number of […]