Ca. 1740 Colonial in Brookside, NJ awaits Wrecking Ball

Another colonial-era property seems to be “doomed” despite willing buyers who would restore the property, according to an article in the Observer-Tribune.  The “Madelyn Post House,” named for a woman who lived in the house for 101 years, was built in 1740 and is located on Main Street in Brookside, New Jersey — about 40 […]

Richardsonian Mansion in Sharon, PA being “eBayed”

Many-a-time on our road trips between Connecticut and Ohio, we would exit I-80 to stop for gas near a small city named Sharon, just after crossing the border from Ohio into Pennsylvania.   Yet we never really drove into town, feeling we didn’t have time to casually “explore” on such a long trip.  But had I […]

More One Dollar Historic Houses: North Carolina & Chicago

Come get ’em!  Two more old houses that will be demolished soon if no one buys them for $1 and moves them from their current site: The first property is located in the historic Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago.  Architect & blogger Lee Bey says the property (left) is owned by the Illinois College of Optometry, and […]

Featured Listing: Historic “Rienzi Plantation” in Louisiana

Due to budget cuts, Nicholls State University recently bailed on plans to develop this old plantation house into its culinary center.  Returned to the donating group, the historic Rienzi Plantation in Thibodaux, Louisiana is now being offered for sale.   The Rienzi House is located directly across Bayou Lafourche from the town of Thibodaux and is listed […]

Historic Hillsborough, NJ Home “Restored” as Part of New Development

We’ve written before about “preserving” historic homes through subdivision (for a look at some of these cases, see our article “‘Preserving’ Historic Estates Through Subdivision?”).  Usually, this process involves cutting up a large tract of land (usually a historic farmstead) for the purpose of building a new subdivision, with development approval hinging on a caveat that the developer […]

Indiana Home of True ‘Forty-Niner’ to be Moved?

At the height of the goldrush, in the year 1849, Daniel Ward left St. Joseph County in northern Indiana in pursuit of gold in California.  Two years later, Ward returned with a “small fortune.”  By the end of the Civil War, in 1865, he had erected a grand Itaianate mansion in Granger for his family, […]

When $1 Historic Houses Are Not $1 Houses

It may seem like the economy is worse than we thought when $1.00 is too much for buyers to spend on a historic house! In the desirable town of  Barrington, Illinois, that is exactly what has happened.  Three old houses were slated for demolition unless a buyer (or buyers) saved them from the wrecking ball by promising to […]

Historic House Preservation . . . & Demolition– When to Save, & When to Destroy?

A 142-year-old, Italianate-turned-Victorian historic house was just demolished in Smithland, Kentucky this week.  The Dunn-Cherry House, built in 1867, was razed by town officials to make way for a new office building & library on the site. As usual in cases such as these, local preservationists protested the loss of a one-of-a-kind historic property, with its links to prominant […]

Another U-Move-It One Dollar House: the Middleboro Massachusetts 1876 Otis Briggs House

The owners of the historic Otis Briggs House are looking for a buyer to purchase and relocate the house. The Victorian Eastlake-style house stands behind Steve’s Sports Den at 145 Centre Street in downtown Middleboro, Massachusetts and is on the proposed site of a new mixed use commercial and apartment building. The developer of the project, Robert Saquet, […]

One Dollar House: 100-year-old Craftsman in Joplin, MO

The St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in Joplin, Missouri has a great offer for you:   A brick, circa 1908, Craftsman bungalow for just $1.  Yes, one dollar.  Of course, the catch is that you have to move the property to another location.  This historic property, which is located at 728 S. Byers Avenue, appears to be in terrific […]