Shopping for Historic Houses In: Marshall, Michigan

I really like Marshall, Michigan. I’ve only been there once, and that one visit was only a few weeks ago.  However, I am smitten.  I had long been looking forward to visiting Marshall (well, “long” being since March 2009), when I bought an old copy of Mabel Cooper-Skjelver’s Nineteenth Century Homes of Marshall, Michigan (see left).  Flipping through musty pages of old black and […]

When Historical Homes . . . Go Wild!

In an upscale neighborhood in Atlanta, a man named Ruben Jones recently purchased the “Henry B. Tompkins House” (asking price $2 million) and among the renovations, he painted his 1922 Georgian Revival home.  No problem, right?  Except that he painted it ORANGE . . . a far cry from the original GRAY stucco, which, for 88 years, […]

Sandra Bullock Buys Victorian Mansion in New Orleans

Sandra Bullock has joined a growing list of celebs who have purchased historic homes, as she begins her new life after Jesse James by purchasing a Gothic Victorian in the “Garden District” of New Orleans. 

Historic Houses We Love: Drayton Hall (Charleston, SC)

When I received my latest e-newsletter from the National Trust for Historic Preservation, I was pleased to find an interesting interview with Charles Drayton, which  made me recall my own visit to historic Drayton Hall in 2007.   [Click here to read that National Trust article]. If you’ve never been, Drayton Hall is a stunning, circa 1742 plantation house outside […]

Historic Style Spotlight: The “Greek Revival”

In America, the Greek Revival style was sometimes called the “National Style” because it was so dominant and widespread through all parts of the nation. Archaeological discoveries in Rome and Greece fueled renewed interest in Classical architecture initially during the Federal Period. This interest peaked because of 4 factors during the 1820s: 1) The War […]

Restoration @ Bowne House in Queens, NY

The long-awaited restoration of Flushing’s historic Bowne House could be completed by 2012 after the city acquired the property last week, making it the 23rd home of its kind to join the city’s Historic House Trust.  Described as “the best-preserved example of Anglo-Dutch vernacular residential architecture in the country,” the house still sits on its […]

Featured Listing: “SawMill” – 18th Century Pennsylvania Stone House

This one caught my eye right away . . . what curb appeal!  If you love the charm, character and mystique of the 18th century, but still want all the upscale amenities and convenience of a modern lifestyle, then 3314 Saw Mill will not disappoint! 

Photos We Love: Unique Gambrel in Willington, CT

I photographed this house several years ago, but unfortunately, I cannot claim the above as one as my own photos.  A few days after my visit, I was contacted by the owner who sent me her own photos of her house.  The above photograph is one of hers, and it is one of my favorite old house pictures, for […]

Historic Paint Colors: Give Good Advice with These Resources

As I painted a den today for a family member, I got to thinking about paint colors & historic houses.  (Not that the house I was painting was historic . . . In fact, I was painting a 1968 Ranch style house with dark, faux panel walls (see right) . . . but still, I needed something to think about, right?).  […]

What Do You Call It??? Dentil (not Dental) Moldings . . .

“Dentil” mouldings are very common.  You can spot them on many historic houses, as well as newer homes with a classical look.  However, dentil moldings are also one of the most commonly misspelled architecture elements (especially in real estate descriptions) — and it is easy to understand why.  After all, dentil is pronounced the same as “dental.”  […]