New TV Series searches for Hidden Treasures at Historic Properties

There are few things more exciting (well, at least for a history nerd like myself) than when someone discovers a hidden artifact at a historic house —  in a wall, a basement, an attic, or even underground.  Intriguing discoveries like these provide us with direct, tangible links to people from the past who occupied these spaces before we did.  And yeah — sometimes, they’re quite valuable.  So I’m pretty excited to have learned about a new television series — produced by the same team that created the hit ‘American Pickers‘– that is going to highlight the fascinating stories and hidden secrets behind some fantastic historical buildings.  And perhaps the best part is that you could possibly participate!  The producers are currently looking for historical properties all over the United States to possibly feature for a show.  Do you know of a property you think would be great for the show?  Whether it is a home, civic centre or place of business, I’m told they want to hear from anyone and everyone!  If so, why not give them a call!?  The contact is Lauren Hugh at Our House Media, who suggested you contact her at 416-551-1032 x260 or  Spread the word!

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