Haunted Historic House Hunting on Halloween

haunted2011So, it’s Halloween . . . and with Halloween comes ghosts.  And where are the ghosts?  Well, usually, they’re in historic homes!  Why is that?  The answer, in some ways, seems obvious.  Historic houses have been around for at least a couple of generations, if not several centuries.  Certainly, they are much more likely to have witnessed death or tragedy or turmoil.  And since old houses have lots of creaks, groans, and nail pops as their old wooden boards settle and shift, they are more likely to “sound” haunted.  Further, the architecture of days-gone-by may just look more creepy and mysterious to contemporary sensibilities (in my opinion, Gothic style or Second Empire houses almost beg to be haunted).  So, put it all together, and you’ve got fertile ground for goosebumps. 

real-ghost-photoSince “haunted” houses tend to be historic (to me, it seems like at least 4 out of 5 “haunted” houses are pre-1930), they also tend to be really cool houses that are interesting to look at — and  fun to admire.  In this spirit (no pun intended), let’s look at pictures of some cool “haunted” houses.  For starters, Zillow recently identified “America’s most haunted houses.”

But since Historic House Blog is mostly about historic houses and the real estate market, this topic begs the question:  even if you are an old house lover, would you purchase — and live in — a house that is reputed to be haunted?  As I’ve pointed out before, it seems like almost every historic house has a ghost story attached to it — so maybe it’s almost unavoidable to live in a “haunted” house if you wish to own a “historic” house.  Either way, it’s a lot of fun to at least browse historic houses that are purportedly haunted.  So, with no further adieu, here are some links to articles that feature “haunted” houses that are currently for sale:

1) Yahoo’s “America’s Scariest Homes for Sale” features houses that are not necessarily “haunted,” but they are at least “scary” looking!  The article is based on a CNBC article with one of those annoying “slideshows” you have to click through, so if you want to see all of the houses in that slideshow, not all of which are in the Yahoo article, click here.

2) The website Top 10 Real Estate Deals features an article called “Trick or Treat!  The Top 10 Haunted Homes for Sale!”

3) Time Magazine’s “Moneyland” website features an article called “Would You Live Here? Real Life Haunted Homes for Sale

4) Even the National Trust for Historic Preservation gets into the mix by featuring cool historic houses with “scary” prices: “Historic Properties for Sale: California Frank-enstein Edition

5) And while I’m at it, here are 10 more houses, from Zillow, that were for sale last year (2010):  “10 Historic Homes for Sale.”

Happy House H(a)unting!

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  1. by Cheryl Lynne Isbister, on 10.30.12 @ 12:13 PM


    I would love to buy a house that has history, but why do they have to cost out of reach for regular people? Oh well, maybe win the lottery….

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