Before & After Pics: Oswego, NY-Queen Anne Victorian

oswego_before2Before-and-After pictures of restorations at neat old houses always warm my heart.  This one in particular caught my eye while perusing MyOldHouseOnline.  User PStewart posted an amazing pair of interior pics of his beautiful, Gothic-influenced Queen Anne Victorian in Oswego, New York (in north-central New York, on Lake Ontario).  The “Swits-Churchill-Conde House,” circa 1889, had fallen into the hands of college kids & had become a fraternity house . . . until PStewart purchased the house with a mission to rescue it and restore its grandeur.  Check out this cool before-and-after transformation of the entryway…





Historic (ca 1900) Pic:


Recent pic (under current restoration):


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For more pics & a slideshow documenting some of this restoration, check out PStewart’s account on MyOldHouseOnline here.  We’d love to see your own “before-and-after” pics, as well!  Email me your own photos at .

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