Realtors in Mobile, Alabama (Oddly) Resist Disclosure Requirement for Historic District Sellers

400px-bettie_hunter_house1When making an offer on a house, would you want to know that it was located in a designated historic district?  Especially if that district contained rules governing future alterations of your historic home?  Of course you would.  And the City Council in Mobile, Alabama thinks sellers of historic homes — in these designated districts– should be required to disclose that information to potential buyers.  It makes sense to me.  But apparently not to many Realtors in Mobile, who are resisting the proposed ordinance requiring disclosure.  Claiming the ordinance increases the liability of both sellers & their real estate agents, the Realtors believe the proposed rule is an attempt by the Council to transfer liability from the city to the property owners.   So what?   Should the city be required to disclose leaky roofs for the sellers, as well?  As a real estate agent, myself, I am embarrassed for these Realtors who should welcome any effort to make real estate transactions more smooth & transparent for all parties.

[For full article in the Press-Register (by Robert McClendon) click here]

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UPDATE: The Mobile city council has dropped the proposed ordinance, “for now.”

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