Richardsonian Mansion in Sharon, PA being “eBayed”

sharonmansionMany-a-time on our road trips between Connecticut and Ohio, we would exit I-80 to stop for gas near a small city named Sharon, just after crossing the border from Ohio into Pennsylvania.   Yet we never really drove into town, feeling we didn’t have time to casually “explore” on such a long trip.  But had I known about this Richardsonian mansion on the hill downtown, perhaps I would have taken a few minutes to check it out.  Richardsonian architecture was often reserved for public buildings, such as town halls, churches, or libraries.  So most houses designed in that style are grand, indeed, often looking like castles. 

sharonmansion3This mansion is now being offered for sale on eBay.  The grand home, built in 1890, features no less than 22 rooms (not counting many bathrooms) , 8 fireplaces, and 16,000 square feet of living space (yes, that’s 16 thousand).  The beginning minimum bid was apparently set at just $100,000.  At the time of this posting, with less than 10 days to go in the auction, there was only one further bid — which raised the sale price to $100,100.  Sure, the house has apparently been divided into apartments and certainly must need some restoration & updates, but the price seems very fair for such a grand, story-book abode.

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From the write-up on the eBay listing“This beautiful Victorian Stone Mansion has lots of potential.  Most recently was six apartments but is better suited for other uses.  It sits on a hill with city view to the front and woods to the back.  To the left is another Mansion currently used as United Way Headquarters and to the right is an elementary school.  A chain link fence separates the school from the mansion.  The mansion sits about 400 feet off the road and is accessed by a permanent easement.  Four townhouses are located at the base of the hill directly to the front.  Recent updates include roof, electrical and new boiler.  Mansion does need some TLC but mostly cosmetic.  Total rooms not counting baths is 22.  There are 8 fireplaces.   All taxes are current and run $3200.00 annually. . . Terms are $10,000 (none refundable) down within 3 business days after end of auction, balance due at closing Within 30 days from day of downpayment.  Property has no liens, so will close quickly!

An aerial photo I tracked down on Google maps (below) shows the site described in the auction description.  Indeed, the property does look to be secluded, sitting on a hill behind a cluster of townhouses.  But what this does for the “curb appeal” . . .  I couldn’t tell you.  Either way, if this mansion in Sharon is something you’re interested in learning more about, check out the eBay listing here.:

UPDATE: The auction for this property ended with 31 bids & a final sale price of $250,100.



  1. by lynn, on 06.24.11 @ 7:11 PM


    its sad when u take a big home and destroy it by making it into apartments

  2. by Michael, on 06.28.11 @ 10:19 PM


    @ Lynn . . . I agree with you. Especially since the renovations are usually devastating in order to add new bathrooms & kitchens, making the properties almost un-restorable. Large Victorians were especially the victim of this trend after WWII.

  3. by Stlwoodfloors, on 08.08.11 @ 10:20 PM


    That is an awesome home. Does it have inlaid floors, I would love to see some pictures if it does.


  4. by jake, on 10.30.11 @ 11:07 PM


    i’ve actually been in this house and it really is something. even thought the house has been chopped up into apartments you can still see the beauty that once was

  5. by Michael, on 10.31.11 @ 9:33 PM


    I’m curious what the latest owners are doing with the house!

  6. by a, on 05.04.12 @ 4:22 AM


    So funny to see this after so many years have passed, sorry for being late to the party but I’ve only just discovered your blog–

    Long ago I was friends with someone who lived here after the conversion (probably around seven or eight years ago) and while I’ve never been to it, I have seen photos, and from what I could tell, they didn’t strip the place bare in the process of turning it into apartments. The wood work and such was still in place. However, I remember it being a not-so-nice place to live since the walls were paper thin and the neighbors weren’t really all that pleasant, so who knows how it held up over the years.

  7. by sunny, on 05.26.12 @ 8:31 AM


    looked at pictures of this house. I thought apartments would be nice – but I was thinking more of like boarding house. Thats what we need. Rent your room, share the rest of the house and meals together.

  8. by Bonnie, on 05.13.13 @ 9:53 PM


    I saw this wonderful mansion listed in a real estate magazine a few years ago and it was like being sold for $38,000. I stared for hours at the photos and the woodwork is still there and the staircase. Didn’t show the kitchen area or basement. Some of the rooms were all chopped up and made into apartments. The neighborhood isn’t great. Your stuff may be hauled out while you are out of the house. Behind it on W. State St., is another mansion turned into a state correctional building for inmates who are transitioning back to society. House is wonderful. Frank Buhl has a mansion on E State Street that is a Bed/Breakfast $$$$ expensive to stay at. Lots of great homes in our area and many are being restored to their former beauty.

  9. by Jan Arnaut, on 08.26.13 @ 1:00 AM


    Back in the late 50s, this building was a kindergarten for Sacred Heart. I know because I went there for a few years. I so wish I could see the inside now and remember all of what I have forgotten.. I went there from age 3, I think, until I was 5. It is a great building. I have been looking up info trying to finds out about what is going on with the building. When I visit the area, I always feel the draw to go there and take a few more pictures.
    I hope it is used for a good purpose and stands tall for many years to come.

  10. by Michael, on 08.26.13 @ 9:37 AM


    Hi Jan,

    Thanks for sharing a personal story about this amazing property! I hope you get to see the inside again someday. I have not heard any updates about its present condition or future.

    All the best,

    Michael @HHB

  11. by Tom, on 10.06.13 @ 3:15 PM


    I lived across the street from this place when I was I child. Used to be a convent for Sacred Heart Church and had beautiful stain glass windows throughout. Sat vacant for several years and was heavily vandalized. A family by the last name of Young bought it. Used to spend many days running around playing in “the mansion” and riding in the Young’s firetruck and English cab.

  12. by Michael, on 10.16.13 @ 10:44 PM


    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for sharing your memories of this property! I love to hear first-hand accounts about the historic houses I write about.

    – Michael @ HHB

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