More One Dollar Historic Houses: North Carolina & Chicago

Come get ’em!  Two more old houses that will be demolished soon if no one buys them for $1 and moves them from their current site:


The first property is located in the historic Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago.  Architect & blogger Lee Bey says the property (left) is owned by the Illinois College of Optometry, and they want to expand.  The school plans on razing the property, but must wait until December 1st, 2010 — a delay that allows preservation officials to find a buyer to save (and move) the house.  Perhaps the sweetest part of this deal?  The city will sell an additional lot to a buyer for another $1, so the only costs are actually moving the house.  Built during the 1870s, the house is located at 3223 S. Indiana.  As Lee Bey points out, the property features many original Italianate elements, including the bold roof brackets & arched moldings above the door and windows.  For more photos and more information, check out Lee Bey’s blog here, or contact Eleanor Gorski, Zoning and Land Use Planning assistant commissioner at or 312-744-9143.

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washington1Another property– this one in Washington, North Carolina– is also threatened for demo and available free for the taking.   The St. Peter’s Episcopal Church unfortunately wants to demolish the historic home (located at 119 N. Bonner St.) to make way for a landscaped garden or to put up a parking lot.   Since the property is a “contributing property” to a historic district, the church applied to the Washington Historic Preservation Commission for permission to wreck the house.  The WHPC issued a 1-year delay on their permit, while the preservation group tries to find a rescuer for the house.  The house (right) appears to be a vernacular Queen Anne Victorian, with a pedimented gable, a sweeping front porch, and beautiful hardwood floors inside.  Once again, the house will need to be moved.   For more information, read the article in the Washington Daily News, or contact the Washington Historic Preservation Committee or the church.


  1. by Lizet Franco, on 01.08.11 @ 6:30 PM


    I am so glad to see that you provide this fine service to old house lovers!
    I’m always telling my husband, “If I had lots of money I would buy old houses, restore them and sell them to old house lovers at a decent price.” I’m always looking for a $1 old house to buy, move, restore and live in but have never found one in Greenville, SC where we live. Still, I’m glad someone has the love, passion and vision to inform others of these deals in their area. Keep up the good work and now that I stumbled across you, I’ll try to keep checking up on the site. You never know, you might happen to mention one in our area!

  2. by Michael, on 01.09.11 @ 7:40 PM


    Thanks, Lizet!! Yes, please keep reading our blog!! We’re glad to have you on board!

  3. by Bill, on 02.02.11 @ 1:29 PM


    Kudos to you for maintaining this blog. It’s so important to raise awareness of historic properties. For years I lived in a city that mowed down all the old houses before waking up and preserving historic homes.

    Your readers may enjoy seeing some of my photos of historic houses in the Chicago area at

  4. by cynthia holiday, on 06.09.12 @ 1:46 PM


    i want to know if there is 1 dollar homes in ca, san bernadino county or ca state anywhere, pls email me. thanks for the information

  5. by AlZim4, on 12.15.12 @ 7:18 PM


    I am looking to move to the Raleigh NC area with acreage and have found that the most affordable way to get what I need in land and a home is to build new but, I hate the idea of a new home. I have been doing some research and am convinced that the way to go is to move an old home, is there anybody that could help me out with the processes?

  6. by John Cline, on 02.24.13 @ 5:34 PM


    I am in search of a home to move to a farm in Catawba County, NC. It will sit where my grandmothers home used to sit which was built in 1920.

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