New York Times’ Features Stately Historic Mansion in S.C.

16gh-what-popupThe New York Times occasionally incudes a real estate feature called, “What Can You Get For . . .?”, in which it profiles sample houses for sale across the nation, and explores how “much” house you can get at a certain price in several different states.

This week, they did a piece called “What Can You Get For $350,000?,” and featured a striking & stately Neo-classical/Colonial Revival mansion in Chester, S.C.   Is 5,280 square feet of living space enough for you?!

The mansion, which is located in the historic district, looks the part of an 1830s (or earlier) antebellum plantation house; however,  it was actually built as a “5 room cottage” built much later– in 1890 — and then expanded around WWII.  But still, with its orginal hardwood floors & original fireplaces, and with the incredible curb appeal, it would certainly strike the fancy of many historic home lovers.  For full article- click [New York Times].

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