Historic Homeowners Unearth Artifacts in Their Kent Island, MD Home

091206digOne of the most fascinating things about historic homes is their unique story — and sometimes even the historical artifacts — associated with the home.  Obviously, these historical tales and antique objects are powerful in connecting old house lovers with the one-of-a-kind past of their historic home.  They also can be powerful marketing points when offering a historic property on the market; potential buyers may look beyond the slick photos and sticker price in search of a deeper emotional attachment to a future home.  And of course, to actually make a discovery while living in a historic home might be one of the most powerful experiences one can have with an old house. 

Brian Lees and Gay Carter Lees, a couple from Kent Island, MD, began unearthing historic artifacts almost as soon as a construction company tore out their old kitchen a month ago. In the dirt, under what used to be the floor, were parts of old shoes, part of a pipe, bones from a wild boar and other animals, oyster shells, bells, bottles and many pieces of pottery.  For now, the artifacts, most still covered in a thin layer of dirt, are being held in bins.

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The Leeses knew their home was historic, dating back to the mid-18th century and featuring the same kind of brickwork common at London Town in Edgewater, but just how historic remains to be seen. An archaeologist and a team of volunteers began an extensive examination of the site this weekend.  After that, the space will be sealed off and the kitchen renovation will resume with Taurus Enterprises of Edgewater, Gay said. Meanwhile, experts will start to catalog the findings, date them and put the information into a database.

The hope is that some of the artifacts might be from the earliest settlements on Kent Island in the 17th century, said archaeologist Mechelle Kerns-Nocerito of Severna Park . . .  Read more at the The Capital (Annapolis, MD).

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