Stately Queen Anne In S.D. has Connections to Jane Russell

1114-reeves-driveOn the stately, tree-lined Reeves Drive in old Grand Forks, the stories have gathered for more than a century.  The stately homes with sweeping yards that stand guard over the old neighborhood seem to have endless tales to tell. And one of these historic homes can now be yours:  504 Reeves Drive– a restored Queen Anne Victorian house with great stories and even the picture of Jane Russell (all grown up) – for just a tad more than a half-million dollars. 

jane-russell1The house was built about 1901 from a mail-order architectural plan for Gustav Rhienhold Jacobi (1866-1949) and his wife, Amelia.  Its construction likely reflected the Jacobi family’s prosperity during what was called the Second Dakota Boom, a period of rapid growth for banks and other institutions in the Red River Valley as mortgage-seeking immigrants swarmed into the state.

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And one of the Jacobi’s daughters was Geraldine, mother of the famous actress Jane Russell.  Russell apparently lived in the house when she was a young girl, and she was actually born in a lake cottage the family also owned nearby.  For more info, visit this article at [Grand Forks Herald].

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