Tweets about “Historic Houses” on Twitter . . .

twitter_logoToday, while on my Twitter account, I thought it would be fun to see if people were “tweeting” at all about historic houses.  The answer, of course, is “yes!” — people are using Twitter to talk about everything.

For those who aren’t yet familiar with Twitter, it is all the rage.  It is basically a free social networking site, where users post short messages (updates called “tweets”) to share information & to let their followers know what they are doing.  The trick is, you can’t use more than 140 characters in your updates, so Twitter messages are very short– which is part of the fun.  For more info, check out the Wikipedia article about Twitter here, and this interesting Time article about how Twitter is changing the way we communicate.

twitter_historicSo anyway, it seems like kind of an odd juxtoposition, if you think about it– People using this cutting-edge, electronic, ephemeral communication medium to discuss (“tweet”!) about historic houses, which could be considered the epitome of massive construction, enduring construction, old-fashioned ideas, hands-on hard work, and simple strength.  But sure enough, the two come together everyday on Twitter!

Following are some messages from Twitter that contained the words “historic house.”  As you’ll see, there are some pretty odd posts (there are lots of odd posts on Twitter), some zany posts that just incidentally involve historic homes– (like the guy who hurt himself inside one, then cursed about it), but many of the tweets would be relevant to someone interested in marketing or preserving historic homes (like posts from the National Turst for Historic Preservation and Preserve Virginia).  I have presented the tweets in screenshots right from my Twitter account:


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