Rare Opportunity to Own A Historic Light House

lighthousejoe1Joe Yocius, “Low Country Joe,” a long-time Re/Max Realtor on Daufuskie Island in South Carolina has been Keeper of the Bloody Point Light for the last ten years. He has decided to pass along the Lighthouse and its 126-year legacy along to a new generation. The light house and the surrounding 2.7 acres are up for sale for $875,000.  Joe hopes, in his words, that the new owners will “live its history, be embodied by its spirit, be amazed at its fine post and beam craftsmanship and walk its wood pegged heart of pine floors.” 

lighthousejoe2The combination lighthouse/keeper’s house was built in 1883, and designed to provide mariners with a starboard reference on their way into the channel to the Savannah River. The lighthouse does not exactly look the part. No tall tower with a rotating beacon- just a front dormer with a large window in which was hung a powerful red kerosene lantern. The builder of the light, Mt. Vernon Ohio native John Doyle, also became the light’s first keeper (earning $660 a year salary). There were four keepers for the light, including Robert Augustus Sisson (pictured at right with his wife, Martha). The house was moved inland about a half mile in 1899 due to erosion. The house continued to serve as the keeper’s cottage, but the light was put atop a steel tower closer to the coast. The lights were extinguished for good and the station shut down in1922.

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lighthousejoe1900The lighthouse passed through a number of owners, including one who used a part of the property to run the Silver Dew Winery in the 1950s. Many of the Scuppernong grape vines and pear trees whose fruit he used are still growing near the lighthouse. Low Country Joe has started a hobby making pear wine from those same trees.  The lighthouse/keeper’s house has been completely restored, painted its original white color, and today offers 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, and 1435 square feet of living space. It also has a panoramic view of the adjacent Bloody Point Golf Course.

lighthousejoe4Living in a lighthouse is a kind of romantic fantasy shared by many, and there are several lighthouses along both coasts set up as bed and breakfastes to indulge that fantasy for a weekend’s vacation. Few, however, have the opportunity to actually own a lighthouse and bring that dream to life more permanently. Feeling the spray of the ocean, hearing the crash of the waves, reveling in the legends of the great age of sail, and embracing the palpable feel of history- for the right person, living in a lighthouse can offer an almost mystical experience unmatched by any other home.

lighthousejoehunstansonIf you can identify with all of that, you’ll find a kindred spirit in Sue of Lighthouse News. She runs a fantastic blog devoted to the history and preservation of lighthouses worldwide. As far as she knows, the Bloody Point Light is the only lighthouse currently for sale in the United States, although the United States government does usually put up a few for sale or auction each year later in the Spring. If you’re thinking of relocating a bit further afield, there is an 1844 lighthouse converted to a 4 bedroom vacation home in Hunstanton, England for sale for the equivalent of $750,000. More details on that here.

lighthousejoe3You can get more information on the history of the Bloody Point light, along with some photos (both historic and recent) at Joe’s website. Also, check out a short video at Joe’s Blog. If you have questions, or are interested in a tour of the property, give Joe Yocius a call at (843) 785-5252 or (843) 684-4445.

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