Historic House + Historic Tree = Marketability?

As a REALTOR who specialized in the sale of historic homes, I always enjoyed photographing the properties I marketed for sale.  I would often take up to 100 or so pictures.  In addition to the “normal” photos of the front of the house & all of the requisite “showcase” shots of the interior, I would snap a bunch of extra photos — including the beams, the old floorboards, the attic framing, the fireplace mantle, and so on.  And on the exterior, I often took a couple of dozen pictures in order to get a shot that looked “just right.”  I often found that my favorite photographs were those that included an extra, somewhat “romantic” element — sometimes a stonewall, or a nice trellis of flowers, but most often, it was an old tree.


On a practical level, a tree often helps to “frame” a house in a photograph, with the tree’s trunk on one side of the house, and the branches & leaves above.  But I always believed that there was also something romantic & emotional about an image of a historic property with a tree — especially old, ancient trees that had seen the years pass by along with the house’s long string of owners.  There is something majestic & “weighty” about a stately old tree standing sentinal over an old farmhouse or estate.  All of the photos in this post (above & below) were taken by me over the years as I marketed historic houses in Connecticut, . . .  and I felt that all of thesefollowing  properties . . . and their photos . . . were enhanced by the presence of at least one old tree.

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  1. by kevin hoffman, on 08.09.13 @ 12:15 PM


    It is nice the old trees are left, most perform a duty ,shade in the summer,My last home me and my daughter planted an oak on the sunny side, after 25 yrs it was finallly working , we sold the home and the new owner chopped it down the first week ! Bet he regret that this summer!!

  2. by Michael, on 08.09.13 @ 4:06 PM


    Wow! I would have been upset at that, if it was me and my son. I hate to see people cut down trees, in general. But a sentimental tree makes it worse!

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