Replacing Antique Metal: Historic Hardware Websites

doorWhether restoring a worn down Victorian or sprucing up a Craftsman bungalow for re-sale, it is good to know where to look to find historic hardware to add that extra level of authenticity to your project.  You might know of a local architectural salvage store where you might be able to score some good material, which is always a fun & interesting shopping trip.  However, there are also lots of companies that specialize in selling historic hardware online — both authentic antiques and true reproductions.  Here are a couple of websites for you to bookmark, or pass along to your clients: – The owner of this company sells “authentic” and “vintage” hardware ranging from the 1880s to the 1950s.  Does not sell reproduction pieces.  Included in the inventory are antique hinges, door hardware, doorbells, window hardware, electrical switch plates & fixtures, drawer pulls, latches, and lots of other stuff.  Click here to visit.

(Click Here for Index of 100+ articles here at Historic House Blog!!) – This well advertised company sells reproduction hardware.  They do not carry much in the way of vintage antique items (just a handful), but they offer an extensive array of beautiful reproduction & “antique-by-hand” hardware items.  Obviously, they carry the same type of items as the above website, plus other items such as floor registers, shelf brackets, and bathroom accents.  Check this website out here.

lizsThere are lots of other websites out there, and you could easily spend an entire afternoon browsing them if you are a diehard antique hardware afficianado.  You’ll find that the companies vary greatly in their specialties, prices, number of products, and the level of authenticity,  so be sure to browse around for awhile.  You can check out some of the other popular websites here:,,, Liz’s Antique Hardware (see pic, left – wow!), and lots of others.  Or just Google “antique hardware,” “historic hardware,” or other similar keywords and enjoy the myriad options!


  1. by Don Wengler, on 05.28.11 @ 6:42 AM


    If you can’t find the appropriate antique hardware, then try the Rejuvinaion web site. I have purchased a wide variety of (new) replica period knobs, pulls, grates, light fixtures, push botton switches and other period items there. They also carry a limited selection of antique hardware.

    Historic Parkville, Missouri-for-Sale

  2. by Don Wengler, on 05.28.11 @ 7:12 AM


    Sorry, I mispelled the name above–it is Rejuvination. I have no affiliation with the business. Good luck.

    Historical Parkville, Missouri-for-Sale 816-210-6430

  3. by Michael, on 06.28.11 @ 10:45 PM


    @ Don . . . Thank you for the tip on I have bookmarked that site, and will likely blog about it in the near future.



  4. by Todd Voth, on 04.09.13 @ 7:59 PM


    I have been searching for an antique door chime that mounts on the top of the door frame and when the door opens the door brushes a series of lower hanging chimes to create the chordal tone. Has anyone seen one or know where i can finde one? Thanks

  5. by Michael, on 04.09.13 @ 9:34 PM


    Hi Todd, I’ve never heard of one of those, but it sounds really cool! I’ll have to watch for those. Good luck! -Michael

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