Houses We Love: The Hamilton-Turner House (Savannah)


I snapped the above photo of The Hamilton-Turner Inn (ca. 1873) in December 2007.  It is one of my favorite photos from my trip to Savanah.  I am very much enamoured with this historic house– an infatuation that goes well beyond my usual admiration for Second Empire mansions.  I generally do not like excessive, over-the-top ornamentation on historic homes, but the architecture of this house seems to strike a perfect balance between elaborate display and stately restraint, a balance between curved shapes and blocky/squarish shapes, and  a balance of cool, light colors with a variety of warm earthtones. 

savannah_day1a-021a1The fact that the house was decorated for Christmas– in Savannah’s unique, Southern way– only added to the romantic appearance of the house, with a nice “pop” of red & green holiday colors (photo, left).  The house is also nicely situated, facing the small “park” that is the famous LaFayette Square, in the heart of Savannah’s beautiful historic district.

Unfortunately, this property is not for sale; however, you can purchase the right to sleep there — the house is one of Savannah’s finest B & B’s.  For more information, visit the website here.

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