“History Unrivaled in the States” — eBay Historic Listing…

ebayWanna out-history your neighbor’s historic house?  How about purchasing this 11th century manor house from Yorkshire, England, listed on eBay through March 5th?  The owner claims that there is “a rich history of characters who owned and lived at the Manor, back to the times of the Norman Conquest.”  The owner has apparenty done extensive research that demonstrates the property is “closely linked to, and involved in, Royalty, Politics and High Society [that] spreads over the generations.”

ebay_frontrightaa15_12Sounds pretty neat.  There are a few caveats, however.  The manor house was actually rebuilt in stone around 1640, so it is not clear if any of the 11th century home is extant (but 1640 is still pretty old by U.S. standards!), and it was dismantled during the 1960s.  The photos to the right & below were apparently taken within a few years of the house was dismantled.

ebay_front-leftab2b_12So what you are purchasing is actually all of the sandstone & granite blocks, stone lintels & window frames, & some cobblestone from the courtyard.  All this for the reconstruction of your own home here in the United States, which according to the eBay listing, could be “an individual home oozing with charm and character” that would be “steeped in a history unrivaled in the States. Or perhaps an exclusive B&B, or an alternative tourist attraction/museum!”  And all of this for a starting bid of $200,000 (though there appears to be a “reserve” price on the auction).


 At this time, the historic remains of the manor “reside in the Republic Of Ireland awaiting the opportunity to rise again” — apparently much like the U.S. South. 

Unfortunately, the purchase of the salvaged manor house does not include shipping & handling!  That could be significant, since the current owner needed 7 semi-truck loads to move the stone after he purchased it from an old farmer several years ago.


For more info and photos  of this “one in a million chance” (seriously, that’s what it says!), visit the eBay listing here.

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