More One Dollar Houses- Norfolk Massachusetts

littlewood     In Norfolk, Massachusetts, as in so many other places, several older houses have been slated for demolition to make way for new construction. Bill Domineau at the Norfolk Historical Commission planned on saving four of the town’s treasures by selling them for one dollar on the condition that they be moved from their current locations. Unfortunately, the “Little Wood Farm,” a circa 1818 farmhouse, fell to the wreckers before a buyer could be found. It’s not too late for three others, though:

260mainnorfolk     The Robert Ware House/ Cook Farmhouse– 260 Main Street:  Robert Ware was one of the town’s first settlers, building his house here in 1661. That structure was destroyed in an attack during King Philip’s War in 1676, but Ware rebuilt his house on the same site. In the 1800s, that house was lifted up and a new first floor was built under it, resulting in the current house. Documentation is sketchy, but it does seem likely that the second floor is a rare architectural survivor from the 17th century. If you can move it, it’s yours for $1 ! Click here for more details on the interesting history of the Ware house.

     The two other houses being offered for $1 include a saltbox-style house (1 Lawrence Street, probably dating from the early 1700s- check out the photos here) and a craftsman/bungalow that may be a 1930s remodel of a late 19th century house (27 North Street- many photos here).

norfolk-map     Bill Domineau is the chairperson of the Norfolk Historical Commission and maintains an impressive and informative website that would be a great model for other historical commissions to aspire to. There is a neat historical timeline for the town and the local area, pages for historic homes in town, tips on researching a historic home, a genealogy page, and stories from the town’s past. Check it out – the Norfolk Historical Commission.  

     If you’re interested in helping to save one of these homes, give Bill a call at 774-24-8160 or email him at .


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