Save the Lampkin Farmhouse $129,000- Plainfield NJ

 Plainfield New Jersey- Lampkin House in the 1870s This is the Lampkin Farmhouse in a photo taken in the 1870s. The Farmhouse is one of the oldest surviving structures in Plainfield, New Jersey. It has been documented back to the mid 1700s, but the core of the house is believed to have been built between 1690 and 1720. It is for sale, and it’s quite a bargain at just $129,000.
The last century and a half have taken their toll on the Lampkin House, as this more recent photo suggests. The elegant dentil moldings remain, the kitchen still features a spectacular open hearth fireplace & beehive oven, and the heavy timber frame is still solid and doing what it was designed to do 300 years ago.  Terrill Road Plainfield New Jersey- The Lampkin House
In the words of James Estabrook, the attorney handling the property-  The clock is ticking on the structure itself; it was never really maintained. Entropy has taken hold, and before long, nature will begin to wreak its havoc.”
 Aerial view of Endangered Terrill Road Lampkin House Plainfield New Jersey It has been vacant for at least a year since the last owner, local socialite Virginia Terrell, passed away. Prior to that, it had suffered through many years of deferred maintenance, and is now something of a wreck. Its greatest challenges are apparent from the aerial view at left.

The house sits on a busy throughfare, just 6 feet from the roadway and sited at an odd angle that suggests an earlier arrangement of the adjacent road. It looks hopelessly out of place surrounded by the much newer houses in the neighborhood. The house also sports a “blue roof” that clearly announces some structural issues there.

Several local residents have joined forces to try to save this wonderful, if dilapidated, piece of Plainfield’s heritage. For more information, and for contact info if you’re interested in helping to save this house, check out the story from the Home News Tribune.


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