“Own a Piece of History” in Charleston, SC


Owners of historic & antique houses know — or should know — the importance of hiring a knowledgable real estate agent to promote their listing properly.  Hiring an agent who “specializes” in historic homes is the way to go, since an agent who truly knows & loves historic homes will be able to convey their enthusiasm & knowledge in a way that can be most profitable for the seller. In fact, some agents actually dislike “old houses,” and see them as problematic for many reasons since — after all — they often do take longer to sell, require more specialized knowledge, and can have condition problems that newer houses just don’t have.  You don’t want one of those agents marketing your property!

Last December, my wife & I spotted the above real estate sign while taking a walk through the Historic District in Charleston, South Carolina.   I thought it was really neat that this particular house was being marketed by offering buyers the chance to “own a piece of history.”  A terrific idea that could be replicated all over the country!  This sign is actually a part of a series of interesting “slogan signs” in front of many William Means/Christie’s Great Estates listings — I had seen another that said “Location, Location, Location.”  

If you’ve never been to Charleston, the Historic District is chocked full of wonderful historic houses, and it offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to see lots of examples of antebellum architecture, with many of the houses dating back to the 18th century.  The appeal of this district is the result of efforts by the Historic Charleston Foundation, which began its mission in 1947 to “to preserve and protect the integrity of Charleston’s architectural, historical and cultural heritage.”

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